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Our results

We believe it is important to show what we have accomplished in 2020. You can read about our results in the table below and in the following chapters, named after our policy pillars. 

Policy pillar: Our market position

VanDrie Group's objectives

Measurable result 2020

Objectives 2021 and beyond


We are committed to improving the sales of all our products.

We will strengthen our chain.

Spread across sales channels (increase retail +/- 4%).

Takeover of Brons Voorthuizen and takeover of Van Dam Beheer b.v. announced.

No access has been obtained to the Mexican veal market. 

We intend to definitively formalise the takeover of Van Dam Beheer b.v. in 2021.

We operate with integrity. We treat each other with respect and know which standards we need to meet.

Reported cases of discrimination: 0.

Training employees in the area of competition.

We will roll out a tightened compliance policy in 2021.

We will implement SpeakUp! in 2021 – a whistle-blowers' scheme accessible to all.

We will invest in R&D.

Realisation of Drieveld research centre in Uddel.

Renovation of Labora laboratory in Staverden.

We will strengthen the collaboration with external research partners.

Policy pillar: Sustainability

VanDrie Group's objectives

Measurable result 2020

Objectives 2021 and beyond


We will reduce our climate impact in the entire chain.

We will reduce our CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030 compared to the reference year 1990.

Certification of all our production companies in the Netherlands to the ISO 14001 standard.

Investment plans made for energy measures in production companies in the Netherlands.

Due to the introduction of heat recovery, the VanDrie meat-processing companies in the Netherlands will operate practically gas-free by 2025.

In the coming years, we will implement energy-saving measures in our production companies.

We're going for sustainable husbandry and making our actions transparent.

Newly launched Public-Private Partnerships, such as Betere stal, betere mest, betere oogst (Better stall, better manure, better yield).

A VanDrie Dialogue about a future-oriented, sustainable calf husbandry was conducted in January 2020.

We will enter into strategic partnerships to achieve emission reductions in the calf husbandry through innovation.

We are making our production more efficient – less waste, smart use of raw materials and reuse.

Reduction of waste at animal feed companies in the Netherlands by 19% in 2020, compared to 2019.

In 2021 and 2022, we will conduct research into further optimisation of waste streams.

Policy pillar: Animal health and welfare

VanDrie Group's objectives

Measurable result 2020

Objectives 2021 and beyond


We will reduce our use of antibiotics by 15% by 2022 compared to the reference year 2017.

63.2% reduction in use of antibiotics from 2007 - 2020.

Reducing calf mortality to 2007 levels.

By 2022, we want to achieve a generic reduction of antibiotics by 15% compared to 2017.

We will push for the information exchange between the dairy farm and veal sector to be improved.

We will reduce the long-distance transportation of calves.

The number of calves transported over long distances decreased by 32% in 2020 compared to 2009.

We will stop importing calves from Eastern Europe and Ireland into the Netherlands by 2026.

Policy pillar: Food safety

VanDrie Group's objectives

Measurable result 2020

Objectives 2021 and beyond


We will invest in the quality departments of our companies. We will expand our Safety Guard quality system.

Number of FTEs in 2020: 60.92*
Number of FTEs in 2019: 36.45
Number of FTEs in 2018: 34.65

Renovation of Labora laboratory in Staverden.

We created a new position, which is responsible for centralising and expanding the quality approach of the VanDrie Group.

*for an explanation, please also read our scope

We will transfer the management of the quality departments of our Dutch subsidiaries to a central level.

We will counteract pathogens in the chain.

Risk analysis into pathogens within the chain completed.

±70% fewer soiled calves supplied to meat-processing companies in 2020 compared to 2014. 

We will develop efficient measures to both prevent and combat pathogens.

Policy pillar: Good employment practices

VanDrie Group's objectives

Measurable result 2020

Objectives 2021 and beyond


We will offer an attractive benefits package to our employees. In addition, we will offer permanent education, internships and traineeships.

Implementation of the heavy work scheme, as a result of which employees can stop working earlier.

Number of internships: 34
Number of traineeships: 40

Due to COVID-19, insufficient progress was made with the development of an e-learning environment, the employer brand roll-out and consolidating the role of job coaches at the meat-processing companies.

A new collective labour agreement for the meat sector needs to be concluded in 2021.

We will map out critical positions in the production process and consolidate long-term work relationships with the employees.

We will reduce sickness absence.

Sickness absence data: 5.8%

We have not formulated more ambitious targets to this end.

We will reduce heavy working positions.

No significant result achieved.

In 2021, we started a study into robotisation in meat processing, with two PhD research places facilitated by the University of Twente.

We will set clear quality standards for employment agencies with which we work and audit these companies annually in terms of fair pay and accommodation. By doing so, we want to offer a good and safe working environment for hired-in employees.

First audit conducted into fair pay and accommodation.

We will draw up quality agreements with employment agencies with which we work in 2021.

We will enter into discussion with local government authorities about building additional, good-quality accommodation for foreign workers in the vicinity of our companies.