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The power of the Chain

CSR annual report 2022


Change is the only constant. This is how we might interpret the words of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who believed that all phenomena are characterised by constant change. He described this using the words ‘Panta Rhei’, which can be translated as ‘everything flows’. The fact that the world around us is constantly changing, that these changes are happening more and more frequently and that they more and more often seem to be accompanied by crises will not have escaped anyone's attention.

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VanDrie Group in three parts

A unique family business


The world around us


Progress of CSR objectives


VanDrie Group expressed in figures

Key figures
from 2022


Our value chain


Our mission:

To create maximum customer value through our unique chain, while at the same time taking responsibility for our people and our impact on animals and the climate.


Five interviews on the basis of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The VanDrie Group talks to...

Eline Vedder

As LTO director, Eline Vedder chaired the Animal Health and Welfare theme group. She played an active part in developing the routeplanGoede zorg voor het kalf’ (‘Good care for the calf’ road map) jointly launched by the dairy and veal sectors in 2022. Eline provides us with an insight into this road map.


Roelinda Noorderink

As Human Resource Manager at Alpuro and Navobi, Roelinda Noorderink is at the heart of the organisation. In this interview, she talks about what dignified work means to her and how she is contributing towards that within the VanDrie Group.


Luca Valerani

Veterinarian Luca Valerani works for the Italian company Zoogamma, which forms part of the VanDrie Group and produces dairy raw materials and calf feed. He talks about his experiences based on his combined roles of R&D Manager, Veterinary Nutritionist and Laboratory Manager.


Erik van Dronkelaar

A structural approach, but at the same time open to new ideas and solutions. Veal farmer Erik van Dronkelaar gives an insight into how he contributes towards responsible production.


Eltjo Bethlehem 

Eltjo Bethlehem is business manager of the Calf Expertise Centre. He provides an insight into how this centre is bringing together knowledge and expertise from the industry, government and knowledge institutions to ensure future-proof calf husbandry in the Netherlands.


Our people

The great thing about working for the VanDrie Group? People really are the main focus here. 

Marco Ribbink

VanDrie Group in five highlights


We actively connect with customers and consumers; we fulfil our customers’ wishes; we are committed to the eco-design of our products (improving sustainability) and we spread risks across our sales channels.



We limit the impact on the environment and the surroundings, we optimise our raw material flows and we prevent waste.



We safeguard the intrinsic value of animals in the entire chain and improve animal health in general, and in doing so reduce the use of antibiotics.



We use our unique tracking & tracing system and mitigate the risks of food safety violations.



We train our employees to meet the high social and statutory requirements.