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Who we are

The VanDrie Group is a Dutch family business. We produce veal and beef, calf feed, raw dairy materials and calfskins. In addition, we trade in dairy products for industrial use and we provide dairy farmers with guidance on breeding their calves.

Our mission and ambitions

We want to create maximum customer value through our unique chain and at the same time take responsibility for our people and our impact on animals and the climate.

Our strategy

Our strategy is a fulfilment of our mission and helps to achieve our set ambitions. It takes into account the challenges both now and in the future, and determines the course our company will take from now until 2025.

What we have learned

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. As part of a vital sector, all companies of the VanDrie Group were able to continue production during the pandemic.

Our dilemmas

We are sometimes faced with dilemmas when implementing our strategy and taking the steps to achieve our ambitions. Difficult choices, whereby development in one area can mean stagnation in the other.