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Who we are

The VanDrie Group is a Dutch family business. We produce veal and beef, calf feed, raw dairy materials and calfskins. In addition, we trade in dairy products for industrial use and we provide dairy farmers with guidance on breeding their calves. We are real doers and have developed chain integration over the years: we control all the links in the chain In the 1960s, our founder Jan van Drie sr. started rearing calves that dairy farmers couldn’t use to replace their own dairy herd. It turned out be a strategic choice: Jan’s activities developed into the VanDrie Group. The VanDrie Group now includes more than 25 subsidiaries located in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany. The VanDrie Group has an annual turnover of approximately 2.2 billion euros.

Our family-run company is driven by values that are in line with our DNA. That is related to commitment and responsibility. The VanDrie Group is globally oriented, but works locally. The links are dependent on each other and therefore strongly connected. Our identity is formed by people of numerous nationalities, backgrounds and cultures who work closely together every day. Approximately 2,600 employees work for us. We are practical and level-headed, and take responsibility for our impact on humans, animals and the climate. That is why we want to continue developing, innovating and investing.