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Six interviews on the basis of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The VanDrie Group talks to:

Marcel van der Vliet and Iliana Axiotiades

Marcel van der Vliet, Sales and Procurement Manager at VanDrie Ingredients and President of CELCAA and Iliana Axiotiades, a fellow board member of CELCAA and also Secretary General of Coceral, talk about the importance of a ‘solid and predictable trading climate’ for the EU and the rest of the world.


Martijn Mellema and Jaap Alders

For HR manager Jaap Alders and operational manager Martijn Mellema of T. Boer & zn, 2020 was certainly a year to remember, as the COVID-19 pandemic meant that they had to take even more important choices than usual. Read here which choices our meat processing companies made during the pandemic.


Wiebe Mulder and Gerard van Beek

Developments in legislation and social trends are occurring at an ever-increasing pace. This requires not only a further acceleration in Research & Development (R&D) by the sector, but also greater cooperation and knowledge exchange. Read here to find out what the new Drieveld innovation centre is contributing to that.


Bjorn Roelofs, Ruth Bouwstra and Jos van Arkel

Quality is the foundation of all products that the VanDrie Group supplies, and our cooperation with independent vets plays an important a role in that regard. A three-way discussion about animal welfare, animal health, data and the opportunities that these offer when it comes to utilising the power of the chain.


Paulo de Waal

Located on the Po plain in northern Italy, the home of the world-famous Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, are the three branches of Zoogamma. Whey, a residual waste flow from the production of cheese, forms the basis for the calf milk powders and dairy raw materials produced by the company, a subsidiary of VanDrie. Read how Zoogamma is producing more and more sustainably. 


Arjo Bronkhorst, Gerco van de Brug, Renger Hazeleger, Wouter Vermeulen

Every year, lorries belonging to the VanDrie Group’s three regular logistics partners drive around three million kilometres. Since the first load was transported, about 25 years ago, a great many things have been learned, developed and improved together in order to reduce the CO2 impact of this fleet. Read here how the VanDrie Group is collaborating with logistics partners on organising the logistics flows in an increasingly smart and efficient way.