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Our results

With our mission in mind, we know that we need to take action to make our company, and therefore society, more economically and socially sustainable.

Our market position

As a food producer, we have to meet social requirements. By investing in innovation and new technologies, we are continuing to develop and simultaneously contribute to solutions to the challenges which our sector is facing.


The activities of our companies have an impact on the environment and climate. With innovation and collaboration through the entire chain, we are focusing on closing circles and making production processes more sustainable.

Animal health and welfare

We want to safeguard animal health and welfare in the entire chain by treating animals with care.

Food safety

Whether it is feed or food, every product that leaves our chain must be of the same high quality level. All over the world, supplying safe products is the basic standard that customers and consumers expect from us as a food producer.

Good employment practices

Our employees are our most important capital. Without them, we would not be able to make our wonderful products. It is therefore important that we manage to attract, retain and train employees.