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Our mission and ambitions

Our mission

The animal protein chain plays a crucial role in a sustainable world. Produced with attention and care and suitable for a varied diet, animal proteins remain of added value. We truly believe in that. At the same time, as a family business we are not blind to society’s needs and our customers’ demands. We adopt a proactive approach in that regard.

Our mission is to create maximum customer value through our unique chain, while at the same time taking responsibility for our people and our impact on animals and the climate.

It goes without saying that ambitions are part and parcel of that. These focus on three aspects: consolidating the family business, working on the sustainability position and entering into collaborations.

  • To strengthen our market position and continue improving the reputation of our high-quality products worldwide.

  • To innovate in order to make our chain more sustainable.

  • To enter into long-term partnerships in order to drive change.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations help us to stay focused on the execution of our mission and ambitions. We have embraced the following SDGs.

Zero Hunger
We want to produce our food in a sustainable way. In order to feed the growing global population, food production must be carried out more efficiently without harming ecosystems. Development is therefore paramount in order to achieve that.

Decent work and economic growth
We play our part in ensuring good and decent work. We protect labour rights and offer a safe working environment. We strive for inclusive and sustainable economic prosperity. We want to be of added value in each country in which our companies are located.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
We want to be a resilient company. We know that we need technological progress in order to achieve climate goals. We are investing in technological development, research and innovation. One of the ways we are doing this is by means of our R&D efforts.

Responsible production and consumption
We make our products in line with the motto of ‘producing better with less’. We are responsible for sustainable and efficient use of natural resources. In addition, we are committed to combating food waste and limiting waste production by means of recycling, reuse and prevention.

Climate action
We are reducing our negative impact by reducing our CO2 emissions. We want to raise awareness about climate action – in each link of our chain.

Partnerships for the Goals
A successful agenda for sustainable development requires partnerships. We therefore collaborate actively with our stakeholders on all kinds of levels. We want to make an impact via effective social partnerships.